height: 175 cm, weight: 59 kg, bust:4

height: 165 cm, weight: 55 kg, bust:5

height: 165 cm, weight: 55 kg, bust:4


height: 170 cm, weight: 59 kg, bust:4


height: 172 cm, weight: 56 kg, bust:4

17 most erotic


Erotic massages by beautiful girls is commonplace. 100% guaranteed life photos masseuses.

New masseuses in catalog

I'm new in erotic massage. I have five breast really like it when I use a massage. The erotic massage, I found it.

For whom is erotic massage?

If you are older than 18 years and just for you. Erotic massage is designed for men, women and couples.

They need not be afraid that take away an unpleasant venereal disease, because in our country there is no sex. You can not even pay extra.

It is shown that erotic massage enhances self-esteem, promotes psychological well-being and rejuvenates sex life.

Infidelity is erotic massage? According to us, no! To provide any erotic services.


The only salon in the Czech Republic, where the masseuse offers luxury massage penis ...

You have the unique opportunity to also massage the masseuse ...

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erotic massage Prague

Erotic massage

Erotic massage recently experienced a big "boom". Many men increasingly prefer erotic massage before visiting the family or a club where girls offers classic erotic services. Responsible for it usually has much higher levels of girls, the environment, not transferring STDs, relaxation, no physical exertion and especially no sex! Many women tolerate, on the contrary, ordered its partners erotic massage. This is not about infidelity.

Massage penis (Lingham)

Penis massage is a combination of tantric massage Linghamu and classic erotic massage. Of Linghamu are taken techniques of massage and delaying orgasm. For erotic massage sexy atmosphere, elements massage breasts and body massages masseuses. The aim of massage is to keep the client away from orgasm to the excitement does not have accumulated the energy and the end result is an explosion of happiness. For men unforgettable experience.

Nuru massage

In Europe, Nuru massage, which comes from Asia, has become a popular alternative to the conventional erotic massage oil. The men took a liking to her exciting course. Nuru masseuse in a massage almost does not use his hands, but the entire body. Slippery Nuru gel ensures "slipping" his body after the masseuse men. Just the idea that beautiful naked masseuse for you your whole body rubs, is exciting.

Soapy massage

In 2014, the masseuse massage the Angels began offering the first soap massage in the country. It is based on a combination of steam Turkish soap massage and Thai massage soap. Place the oil or Nuru gel as previous massage, using a special soap foam. The main elements of massage is body-to-body (head to head) with elements of classic erotic massage. It is an alternative to Nuru massage.

Top girls

Beautiful masseuses professional makeup and always prepared, so that pleases your eye. Sexy lingerie, satin gown and heels are a must.

100% confidentiality

You'll never see anyone other than your masseuse. None of the masseuses does not have a database of visits. Areas where the masseuse massage, are not labeled.

Free parking

Parking at the massage parlor is free, without the blue zone. Parking on the street in front of the salon or the possibility to use cheap guarded car park 150m.