Nuru massage

Nuru massage is body2body massage. Nuru gel provides pleasant slippery bodies. Massage is done by whole masseuse’s body. This technique originates from Japanese traditional spa, Onsen. Nuru massage is provided to men, rarely to women.

Nuru massage is very physically demanding for masseuse and it requires perfectly synced movements and techniques. Nuru massage gradually expands from Japan to western world.

History of Nuru Massage

Nuru massage, sometimes called „wet“ or „slippery“ originates from traditional japanese spa – (Onsen 温泉). Therefore nuru massage still contains techniques of ritual massage.
Masseuse is completely naked during massage.

Nuru massage usually begins with shower, where masseuse prepares client for massage. She washes gently and carefully client‘s whole body, including intimate parts. After shower, client is lied down and special heated gel made from seaweed (nuru gel) is applied on client’s body. This gel is unique and cannot be replaced because of it‘s special sliding and detoxifying qualities.

Nuru oil is made only from seaweed Nori, therefore it is a natural material. Nuru oil is then worked into form of gel – without smell and completely transparent, with no side effects. Nuru gel does not cause any alergic reactions on the skin. It also helps to release stress and relax. Nuru gel is simply irreplaceable.

Dry skin absorbs nuru gel and gets nourished and revitalised. Skin is very fresh, relaxed and very smooth after nuru gel application. Wet skin does not absorb nuru gel fully, it gets slippery. So masseuse can very easily slide her body against client’s. Masseuse’s whole body touches client’s body and it is very exciting.

Massage Rules

Providing erotic massage is not providing sexual service. Kissing, oral sex or intercourse are not included in massage. It is not possible to pay extra for these services. Suggestions and proposals of sex offend masseuse and she can discontinue the massage. But you can fondle (gently touch) her.

What masseuse choose?

height: 165 cm, weight: 55 kg, bust:4


height: 169 cm, weight: 56 kg, bust:3

height: 170 cm, weight: 58 kg, bust:3


height: 174 cm, weight: 65 kg, bust:4


height: 170 cm, weight: 55 kg, bust:3

height: 175 cm, weight: 59 kg, bust:4

How to book massage with me?

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On-line booking is available non-stop up to 4 days in advance.

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